Blank display when adding region

When I edit a layout which is currently displaying I can move regions and save the layout and the display updated instantly - Great! however, when I add a new region to the layout which is displaying the display goes blank and takes a while to come back on, you then have to save the layout multiple times for the content to reappear on the display.

Any help would be appreciated.

I assume you’re using 1.8.0 CMS with XMR configured, which push your changes to the player instantly.

Because of that when you add new empty region, layout becomes invalid and after that it might need time to download new content as well, hence it shows splashscreen.

That’s one of the reasons we do recommend the default layout to be something simple, not often changed and to schedule more complex layout to be displayed - this way when you make changes to the scheduled layout that’s being displayed, player will display the default layout until updated scheduled layout is fully downloaded.

Ok thanks Peter! I’ll just have to avoid changing a layout when its playing.