Hello Dan and Alex, how are you doing?..I hope you are both fit and safe from covid. I had wanted to bring this issue to your attention from 2.3.4. I was expecting not to see it in 2.3.5 but it was still happening, so I was quick to switch to 2.3.6 and still the same so before I go with 2.3.7, I would like to point it out. blank layout reported by CMS could also mean the player is stalled or not receiving content. player may also loose contact and CMS report NOT LOGGED IN while the player is online

CMS doesn’t report current layout of LINUX PLAYER at all

Looking at your provided screenshot it would appear that the Players you are not seeing the current layout for have not connected to their CMS for some time. First take a look as to why those players have / are not connecting to the CMS.
The Xibo player must be able to contact your CMS to report the layout that is currently being displayed. I can see that the last accessed dates for the players that are not reporting the current layout suggest that those players are not able to contact your CMS, which is why you are not seeing the current layout information.

I will pass on your message to Dan and Alex :+1:

okay. I still see that issue. I have to restart the xibo play then afterwards, I see CMS report the current layout of that player

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