Black screen during webpage campaign


Hello Community

We are experiencing the following problem in the XIBO version 1.8.12, with win10 player:

We can run a campaign without problems for about 10 minutes, but after we are receiving a black screen and the problem can only be solved by restarting the player. The campaign only consists of webpages, that are called with the webpage widget.

We have already checked the IE cache settings, the energy settings and played around with some XIBO settings, but we weren’t able to solve our problem. We also created a fault report, which can be downloaded at this link:

We can recreate the problem at any time. If you want to do a WebEx session you can call me at +41 62 836 83 26

Thanks for looking into this.

Best regards


Thank you for all the information about your setup and the issue you are having. I have taken a look at the Logs and I will need to test this further.

Can you confirm what version of the Xibo for Windows Player you are using?

Please also provide an exported copy of your Layout so I can take a closer look and run some tests. You are welcome to send the Layout/Layouts to me in a private message if you prefer.

Many Thanks.


Hello Daniel

Thank you for your fast reply.

We are using the player version 1.8.12, as seen in the “about” screen:


Here is also the link to the exported layouts, as requested by you:

for testing purposes, we have created the “test - 1” text-layout, in order to check, if the layouts still change, when they turn black or if they don’t.
The layouts are actually changing.

In order to check the switching of the layouts, we scheduled a campaign which looked something like this:

Webpage - Text - Webpage - Text …

All the webpages are displayed once, then the campaign should start again.

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Thank you for passing on a link to your Layouts, I have now scheduled them all to run on my Xibo for Windows 1.8.12 Player. I will continue to run them to see if I experience the same issues.

As soon as I have an update on the performance, I will let you know.

Many Thanks.


i’ve the same problem about blank page.
my layouts contain:

1 webpage 20 second
1 image 10 second
1 webpage 20 secon
at the third time the layout is running i see the problem

I try also with 2r200 win32 version of client

Thanks Simone