Black screen between video loop

I’ve read discussions about this problem but has anyone found a workaround?
I’ve got a small video that loops on a screen and between each playing I’ve got a black blinking screen.

Can we prevent this visual effect ?


We’d like to hear a solution to this as well!

I assume this depends on how fast the computer loads the next content. But maybe they could implement a pre-loading or such a thing?

Our workaround: we create a long video, containing the original video over and over again. For an hour or so, the black gap will then show up only every hour. But this is not a satisfying workaround, because changes are difficult to implement.

Thank you for your messages and sorry to hear about the issue you both are experiencing. You are correct Gustel that the black screen is the time taken to load the region again as well as the video inside.

Another possible workaround for this would be to add the Video Widget to the region, then set the duration of the Widget to a longer time than the video. You can then set the Widget to Loop, which should reduce or remove the black screen in between.

As an example, let’s say I have a 5 second video only in my Layout and I want it to loop with as little interruption as possible. If I only wanted it to reload every 3 minutes for example rather than every 5 seconds, I could set the Duration of the Widget to 180 seconds. This will reveal the Loop option, which you can tick to achieve what I am looking for. below is a screenshot of that option in version 2 CMS:

This option is also available in 1.8 CMS as well:

Can you confirm if this provides a solution to your issue with the black screen? At some point the Layout will indeed need to reload so the black screen is unavoidable, but y looping the Widget, you can determine when that will be without the need to stack your Layout with multiple repeats of the same Video.

Many Thanks.


I tried to loop a video like you have described, but it’s not working. I can still the black screen between each loop. I’m using the Windows version of the player… I don’t have this issue using the Windows 10 internal video player, when I select “repeat” in the player… no gap. Any idea?