Black Screen Between Certain Hours


I am unsure about how to use the scheduling feature so I am asking here.

From the hours of 8pm and 6am, I want a certain display to just show a black screen.

How would I accomplish this?

Create a layout with a black background and a single region containing say some text in black (layouts cannot be empty).

Schedule that layout from 8pm to 6am daily, with priority higher than any other priority you use in the system (say 100).

That schedule will then have priority over everything else.

Once you have created a Layout that shows simply a black image, you can then schedule that Layout to display during the hours that you wish to only show a Black screen. Please note that a Layout requires at least one region containing at least one media item to be valid, otherwise an error will occur.

You can then create the Event in the Schedule option on your CMS. Set the Dayparting to Custom, the Start Time to the day that you want the event to start at 8PM and the End Time to 6AM for the following day. I would also recommend setting a Priority of a higher number than any of your other scheduled Events, to ensure that the black screen Layout with override any other Layouts that may try to display between the hours of 8PM and 6AM.

To set the Event to repeat each day, click the Repeats tab and set Repeats to Daily and Repeat Every to 1. If you do not have an end date for the Black screen and would like it to repeat forever, leave the Until information empty.

Many Thanks.

Thank you both so much! I will be working on this soon.

I need to upgrade my xibo server and clients, is there anything special I need to know? Linux server and windows clients.

The upgrade guide in the manual covers this. If you’re moving from 1.7 to 1.8 then the suggested install method is Docker.