Black after a video

I use server xibo in cloud and android client.
Some time after i add a new video (format wmv) i specify the duration, the video playing correctly and when is finish we view a black screen for 1 or 2 minutes before to display the next module (jpeg or other video).
The solution is copy the layout (if i excute this new copy the black screen is deleted) purge the original layout add each module (video, jpeg… in same order) and the black screen is out.
Have you this problem in you knowledge base?

Generally I’d recommend H264 .mp4 videos on Android.

The flash after video / on layout reload will be there, however it certainly should not be 1-2minutes, it should be not even 1s in most cases.

I’d say convert the videos to android friendly format ie H264 .mp4

Then perhaps open display profile settings in CMS for android profile, on troubleshooting tab
disable Use Surface view... and see if that will work better.

The TextureView that will be in use with the above disabled is generally better for video playback, but since it is not supported on all android devices it’s therefore not the default option.

With videos you can also leave the duration at 0, it should auto detect the video length.