Best way to schedule meeting room signage

What would be best practice for displaying meeting room signage layout with multiple rooms and multiple events per day, below will give you an idea of how many rooms/schedules would need to be scheduled:

20 meeting rooms
3-6 scheduled events per day - each scheduled event needs to have it’s own image displayed 15 minutes before event starts and stay displayed until 15 minutes prior to following event.

The only way I can see achieving this would be by making a layout for each scheduled event, but that would lead to A TON of layouts and likely some confusion in scheduling these layouts, is there a better approach?


It would definitely be better to use datasets for this purpose.
You can have a column with image, date/time (1 date column or 2 columns with start/end time) , name and perhaps description if needed.
Then you’d filter it by the date/time so it would show only 1 image(and other columns if needed) in the right time as you specified.

In addition to the manual page that I linked to you earlier in this post, you can have a look at this tutorial

Thanks for that info Peter, I’ll have a go at this today and report back, looks like a perfect solution!

I’ll also be deploying 20 Intel Sticks for this solution over the next week, we’ve used the Intel NUC’s in the past with great results and the Sticks’s also look to be a very good solution. I’ll report back.


@Peter, when I attempt to upload my CSV file I get the following error: The file exceeds the maximum allowed file size. [Code 2]

The CSV file has the matching number of 6 columns, about 183 rows, and is only 22KB in filesize. Any ideas?


So I feel like I’ve exhausted looking through various posts and settings to get this import to function correctly without any success, I’ve even slimmed my import down to 6 columns and 6 rows of very simple data with same results. I did notice late today in my log this error:

13 15-09-29 05:03:15 CMS DataSet DataSetResults SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘text’ in ‘where clause’

I’ve entered manually a single row of data and this is the SQL Filter I’m using (without success):
text-roomNAME = ‘Astoria’ AND NOW() > schedStartDisplay AND NOW() < schedEndDisplay

The room name in the above filter does match a row of manually entered data:
2015-09-29 16:00:00,2015-10-01 11:45:00,11:00 AM -,12:00 PM,Test meeting Name,Astoria

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Try removing the - from your roomName column in the dataset. Stick to alphanumerics when naming those.

I’m not sure why your import would fail. Please can you try uploading it to a Spring Signage demo account. If it won’t upload there then we can look at it as a bug, otherwise it’s something in the configuration of your CMS and we’d need to open a paid support ticket to look at that implementation-specific issue for you.

@alex, I was able to succesfully upload and import to a Spring Signage demo account, I then created a new dataset on my server and followed the exact steps as in the demo account, however I received the same error. I’d be happy to open a paid support ticket, let me know steps for that process.


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