Bandwidth stats show more use for the current month than for last month and the current month combined

From June 2017–July 2017 (the past and current month), most of our displays show data use of 2–3GB, which seems reasonable to me:

But if I narrow it down to just the current month, most of our displays show throughput of over 100GB, which isn’t possible if the previous and current months total under 3GB:

Drilling down to just one display, again the bandwidth looks reasonable given that I was doing layout development that would trigger file downloads (with “Get File” being the hungriest call):

But looking at just the current month shows a different distribution of data use (mainly Required Files), with an outlandish amount of data given the last-and-current months’ totals:

It seems possible that something is extrapolating, since this is only the 5th of the current month, but I’d find statistics more useful if they reported on the past rather than some possible future.

Is that what’s happening or is this some other sort of bug?

(I’ve used the terms “data use”, “throughput”, and “bandwidth” as synonyms in order to make the post a bit more findable in keyword searches, but I mean the same thing by all of them.)

Thanks for your report. It’s a known issue. The values are correct, but the units are wrong.

It’s logged here:

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