Bandwidth Date Selector 1.7.9


Currently when I adjust the date range for bandwidth monitor on the Xibo server, if I select say 1-9-17 till 1-16-17, everything is blank. So if I set it to 1-1-17 - 1-16-17, it shows usage. So I tried 1-2-17 - 1-16-17 and again, everything is blank.

Please let me know if this is a known bug. I search this forum already, and I only found a post about an issue with 1.8.0 rc2.

Nathan Rowe

Bandwidth figures are stored by month, so any finer resolution isn’t possible.

We should probably only show month selectors in that dialogue. I’ll log an enhancement for that.

Thanks @alex, I had a feeling that was the case. Any plans to enhance it for daily views?

Best Regards,

No plans to do that. It would use alot of storage in the database.

Understood, thank you for the quick answers!