Background music -> overlay layout issue

Hi there,

I created a layout with a webpage that “displays” a page with music and inserted it as a “overlay layout” but everytime a layout changes in the campaign I have set up, the music stops and starts, looking as it may reload the overlay layout as well.

How can we fix that?

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Would you mind sharing your layout so we can test it further and investigate? please note it will be public if you share it here so feel free to PM it to me if you prefer.
Can you also please confirm what is your set up : if you player is running Windows/Linux/else? what are the CMS and Player version you use?

Please note if the webpage you’re using plays streamed music it would be expected that whenever the Overlay layout comes back the music playing is the current music on the website from that moment on, just like radio keeps going on and if you come back to it after leaving it for a few sec, the song might have changed.
On the other hand if the webpage is using an audio file then it would be expected that the music starts from the beginning every time the Layout is back on.
In any case I’ll be happy to make tests with your layout.