Background music - Live radio

I have used a web page widget and this link - in a layout.
When the layout playing, the radio station will play for 5-10 seconds and then die.

What can I do?

What have you got set as the duration of this Widget and what is the overall Layout duration?

For Radio Widget I have set no duration, more than 999999 seconds, also more variants of time.
The Sub-Playlist have 6:40 minutes.
With loop, no loop…

If you have no specific duration set for the web page widget then it will play its default duration.
For radio we would suggest that you put it in an Overlay Layout so that it is not interrupted by any layout changes, and set it for something like a 6 hour duration so it does not cut out all the time.

  1. I have set the duration for 6000 s
  2. No loop set because it’s the only widget(web page radio)
  3. I have published the layout “Marenka Radio” to “Allview TV inHouse”
    The result - play for 30 seconds, approximately.

What do I need to check again?

I’ve done and still not working.

Hi hypnomedia.

Below is a link to a layout I created in my 2.3.7 CMS and tested on my Xibo for Android R210 player. can you import this layout into your CMS and schedule it as an overlay layout?

Please note that the link will expire within a few days so please download this layout as soon as possible.

If it is still not working, please can you:

  • Provide a screenshot showing that you scheduled this layout as an overlay.
  • Confirm how it performed.
  • Confirm the player version you are running on your device.

Many Thanks.

  • Provide a screenshot showing that you scheduled this layout as an overlay.
  • Confirm how it performed.
    Only 20 seconds. After I have set it with priority 1, the radio was playing OK but have no second layout with videos. Not together.
  • Confirm the player version you are running on your device.
    It’s whitelabel_v2_R207.apk . The CMS it’s on xibo.

I also try whitelabel_v2_R210.apk.
He played only for 0.5 s

Thank you for your update on the issue. I can see that the event is scheduled to a display group.

Can you try the following with your R210 player:

  • Clear all scheduled events you have currently set for that player.
  • Set a simple default layout for that player, one that only contains an image or text widget.
  • Now create an overlay layout event with the Radio Zu layout I provided. Please set the layout to show always and do not set a priority or display order value, please keep those fields empty. You also do not need to tick the Use CMS time box.

Can you confirm if the Radio plays as expected while that default layout is showing on screen? I have tested this as a simple setup on my own player and can confirm this definitely works. I would like to see if it does for your players too. If it does work, then we can proceed to schedule other events to see where the issue is occurring.

Many Thanks.

Hi hypnomedia,

Just checking in to see how the above test performed on your R210 player? I hope that with just the default layout scheduled you were able to run the radio overlay without issue. Once we know that it can play on your device with just the default layout scheduled and the overlay, we can proceed to schedule an event and see if the issue reoccurs or is resolved.

Many Thanks.

Thank you for your interest in my problem.
I have used a layout with pictures and a whether and radio it’s playing with no problem.
After I see it’s working, I had to change the layout with the one I use for the client, the one with videos. Radio stop playing.

I’ve use an mp3 audio file of 154 mb with the video layout. The music can’t be heared.
I think it’s a problem with the player: can’t know if the videos have audio and can’t play two audio same time.

Thank you for your reply and further information. I have been testing this issue with videos in the layout and discovered an issue. This has now been reported to the developers, who will investigate further.

I also tested an MP3 file added to an Audio widget, then scheduled as an overlay over my video layout as a test and so far this is playing without issue. I’m aware you have a CMS hosted with us, could you send me a private message confirming the ID of the layout containing the audio file and I can check your layout?

Many Thanks.

This is an update regarding the MP3 audio file issue you mentioned in your last message. Thank you for the additional information you provided in your PM.

I have tested this and can replicate the issue you are experiencing. This issue has now been reported to the developers to be fixed in a future release. While testing I discovered that this issue is not exclusive to the Xibo for Android player and so may be related to the Sub playlist widget itself.

In the meantime, it is possible to play an audio file over your videos if you add the videos to your layout directly without using the subplaylist widget and schedule the mp3 using a separate layout containing an audio widget set as an overlay.

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention and my apologies for any inconvenience caused while this issue is investigated and resolved.

Many Thanks.

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