Background music - Live radio

I have used a web page widget and this link - in a layout.
When the layout playing, the radio station will play for 5-10 seconds and then die.

What can I do?

What have you got set as the duration of this Widget and what is the overall Layout duration?

For Radio Widget I have set no duration, more than 999999 seconds, also more variants of time.
The Sub-Playlist have 6:40 minutes.
With loop, no loop…

If you have no specific duration set for the web page widget then it will play its default duration.
For radio we would suggest that you put it in an Overlay Layout so that it is not interrupted by any layout changes, and set it for something like a 6 hour duration so it does not cut out all the time.

  1. I have set the duration for 6000 s
  2. No loop set because it’s the only widget(web page radio)
  3. I have published the layout “Marenka Radio” to “Allview TV inHouse”
    The result - play for 30 seconds, approximately.

What do I need to check again?

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