Background image on custom resolution in Windows player


We have a video wall with xibo installed, and we have some issues with the background

The custom size for the player is 3240*1920 at pos 0,0 (three screen portrait)

The curstom resolution for the template is 3240*1920

When we put the image as a background image, here is the result

But when we put the image inside a region, this is what happens

But with the second screen, we can’t add the clock and weather because we can’t add region on top of each other on the windows client !

I can’t find a reason why the first solution (as a background image) is not working here.
It was working when it was a full screen 4k, but with three screen and a custom size it stopped working as expected.

We are thinking about build a template with half a background image and half a region, but did I miss something or is this an real issue ?

Hum, I still have this issue, and after some tries I still can’t find any solution.

Can you reproduce this issue ?


can you post here a screenshot about your regions from this Layout?

Greetings Torsten

Here is the Layout with issues

Here is the Layout with the fix

Here is the link of the two Layout (Liste_praticien is the one with issues, Liste_praticien_fix is the fix)


and how did you solve the problem?

Greetings Torsten

Hum, sorry I made a mistake here.

I found a solution by putting the image in the background.
But the bottom half was black, so I put half the image in a region.

But this is a temporary solution, the client will have some difficulties to edit this layout because he needs to change both the background image and crop the image to add it to the second region.

To sum up :
Layout 1 (first screenshot and first layout screen) : Image as a background -> bottom half is black
Layout 2 (second screenshot) : Image as a region -> we can see everything but can’t put region on top of it
Layout 3 (second layout screen) : Half a background image with region, half a region with half the image inside. Temporary fix because it works, but difficult to edit

Hum, I’m still having issues with this layout, could you help me a bit here ? I think this is a bug but I’m not 100% sure

can you post the Layout again, The Download has expired.

Greetings Torsten

on my system both Layouts run fine. No issues. I deactivate the duration from the ClockWidget.

My resolution is about 2160x1920

Greetings Torsten