Background image on calendar module

Is it possible to put background image into calendar module ? I want to put image and whrite something above this image

Yes you can, please take a look at our Calendar Module Guide which will walk you through the process.

Thank you

On this guide you put background into the layout

i want to do double background, so i put already background on my layout and now i want to put other background into the module where you see the black windows with the red border

Navigate to the Template tab on the Edit Calendar form, and use the drop-down menu for the Library field to add your selected image. Click on the image in the text editor to open image properties to resize.

Yes i do already you can put picture with this method, but you can write at the leftor right only,not above this picture

If you want an image under the Calendar Widget you will need to build that into your Layout background, as in the Layouts we have in the Layout Exchange. You would then draw the Region to fit over the top.

Ok i see i can build a layout myself but if i build 5 zone and i have only one event to display i will have 4 empty zone.

If i can build a zone into the calendar module this zone repeat on each event it s why i want to do that i try to find a way with html code