Background colour showing in Preview, but not showing in Windows Player

Hi there,

a Newbie to the Help forum, but loving the advances in Xibo 1.8.7

I’ve created two regions of text, one a ticker and one just plain text. Both have coloured backgrounds, which are showing perfectly in the preview. However, when I push them to the player, both have their backgrounds as transparent and the background image of the Layout shows through.

Am I missing something?


I assume you mean widget background in this case not layout background?
The background image of the layout should be .jpg for Windows players

Windows player generally does not support overlapping regions and true transparency, it can be ‘fooled’ with layout background image, but other than that it is not supported at the moment.

I’m happy to take a look at your layout if you’d like to send it to me over private message to confirm where the issue is.

Hi Peter,

see below

It’s a Region with a Text widget inserted and the text has been set with a background colour of black, which shows perfectly on the preview, but it transparent on the player.