Autostart migration

I configured my Xibo for Docker with autostart.
The situation is: I have a Xibo for Docker with migration, this works when I manually do “docker-compose up -d”, but when I restart my machine then Xibo starts a clean Xibo for Docker, so I can start from the bottom. When I go to the command prompt and type “docker-compose up -d” then it says it’s reacreating and after recreating then Xibo for Docker works with the migration.

So my only issue is that Xibo for Docker doesn’t start automatically with my migration.
Can someone help me?

I have been figuring out what the problem is.
It seems that when I install “Xibo” on my Data volume (D:). And I have installed “Docker” on my boot volume (C:) that Docker starts a new clean Xibo on computer restart. But when I put my “Xibo” folder in the boot volume (C:), then Docker starts the migrated Xibo as it should be. So can’t I install “Xibo” on my Data volume and install Docker on my boot volume for it to work properly? Or does something have to be changed in the config of Xibo or Docker?