Autoplay embed youtube xibo android app not working

My embedded youtube video’s are not working in the android xibo app.

it’s not autoplaying.

i am using this code.
<iframe width="854" height="510" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

It is working on windows in the browser. How come ?

Personally I download the video and I put it like a Video…
I think it’s the better solution.


You can try this
It does work on some devices, not on all of them.

Otherwise yes, download video, but please remember this:
You can download the video and upload it to the CMS. You can download videos from YouTube using KeepVid or similar. What is really important here you absolutely MUST have permissions to do so from the original author, otherwise it’s illegal.

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Yes, my apologies, it does work now :smiley:

Sorry haha, I’ve deleted my post now.

The only problem in downloading it and uploading it is the filesize of 2MB for an video upload. Or can i increase this ?

If you are on mysql you can change it in the php.ini files.

Have a look at this FAQ article, it should help you :smile:

Great i will! And then i will test to upload a video and using that. i it okay if i report back here ?

Yes, of course it is ok.
It stays on the topic (more or less :slight_smile: )
and we want to know if you managed to fix this issue - then we will close this topic

The issue is fixed. I changed my settings in php.ini and downloaded the youtube vid as test. I then uploaded it and it runs like clockwork!

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