Automated Install

This might have already been done, but looking for a little guidance.

What I want to accomplish is an automated script, kinda like on Where a user can go to my website fill out a form and it will auto install the CMS to a folder using their details - and modify the database.

Where a user could select how many ‘displays’ they would like - and it can auto adjust the database for space, and “licensed” displays. I have ‘softaculous’ that could modify everything but support is lacking. Looking for other ways that are reliable and when needed upgradable ( CMS ).

Thank you in advance.

I’m afraid this is a massively involved question :slight_smile:, you have all sorts of things to consider, web server config, database server config, scripted installation, application of settings, configuration of maintenance, etc.

You might want to consider looking into Xibo Docker (which is a new deployment method in 1.8) which would simplify it a bit - not massively though.

Would docker work on a normal web server ? My sql- centOS, cpanel access

You would need a VPS or a service that was able to host docker containers. Your website could potentially script the provisioning of docker containers, which might be slightly easier to doing auto-install.

Or you could dig into how the launcher script works - it does do auto-install.

That sounds great. I do have a VPS server. I will look into docker some
more. If it can take answers from a form for the install that would be
awesome .

With the new changes to docket and xibo … what would be easiest way now to incorporate auto installs and being able to restrict display count ? I’ve seen the woocommerce plugin but looks like for xibo cloud only, unless I’m wrong.

Have WordPress site and want a way people can pay and then a script setups xibo and redirects display count to how ever many purchased ( and can change ).

All CMS instances would be based off my domain.


Now since Xibo is completely recommended inside of docker … Any useful scripts can be used for auto creating the Docker instance / configuration ?

I have a VPS that I currently run all the docker instances on - but configuring the ports (xmr) and the firewall by hand sometimes is time consuming.