Auto PowerOn - ShutDown DSCS9 Device everyday


Hi amigos!
Please i need to create a command to PowerOn and Shutdown my DsDevice DSCS9 everyday at 09H00 and 18H00, but i can´t find a response on google search.
Please anyone have a tutorial or examples of commands to use, thanks.

some data:
DSCS9 Device
Android Player
Cloud Customer

Thanks again community!

José Zambrano M


I think you also logged a service desk case about this, but incase that wasn’t you.

You can certainly create a schedule to shutdown the DSCS9 at 6pm, but since its then shutdown, Xibo isn’t running and so the device won’t wake up ever again. You’d have to physically remove and apply power.

What people normally do is leave the player device on all the time, and just turn the screen on and off. You can do so via HDMI-CEC on the DSCS9 as shown in this guide:


Alex thanks for your response, now i know that dsdevices can´t auto power on.
For me is better TurnOff-TurnOn the tv from the tv system (attach image).


You can do that yes, but then you can’t control that from the CMS.

It’s up to you however.


Thanks Alex for your quickly response!


you can setup WAKE-ON-LAN…the CMS has the ability to wake the device from sleep/power off mode provided the bios supports WOL and that, it is enabled to receive magic packets…i tested in my house and few mini computers i use for my xibo but no on the remote players yet


The DSCS9 doesn’t support Wake on LAN (really only Android devices that are built on Intel hardware such as the DSCJ18 do). Wake on LAN also doesn’t work across the public internet.