Authentication on cloned clients


I’ve created an image of Windows installation with Xibo player installed to install clients PCs. Now I see, that new player PC does not require authorization on Xibo CMS.
I do not see the new display in the displays list(authorized, not authorized). At the same time the new client does get the content from the server and plays our files.

I would really like to see all my player PCs on CMS. How can I reset Xibo player installation, so that it would require authorization from the server. I tried just to uninstall and install the player on a newly created client, but it didn’t help. Where does player keep it’s settings?
Or what should I do?

You need to delete the Xibo configuration from the user profile (xiboclient.xml) and the contents of the local library directory as defined in your existing configuration (normally Documents\Xibo Library).

We don’t recommend cloning Windows without running sysprep or the equivalent Microsoft approved route since certain identifiers in the OS which should be unique remain unchanged and may cause your devices to all appear as the same device even after resetting the configuration as described above.

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