API Connect Through Postman

I am trying to use postman to connect to the API. I have followed the below steps

  1. Create an application in myCMS. Key & Secret has been generated to be used for API calls.
  2. I have added the url (My CMS URL), clientId (Application Key), clientSecret (Application secret) and access_token (Blank) in the environment of Postman.
  3. Call Type “Post”, Request URL “{{url}}/api/authroize/access_token” and send the request and received the below error

please let me know what i am doing wrong here.

Did you pass parameters in the body as well?


The above is for 1.8 API, if you’re still using 1.7 series, then please have a look at links provided by Dan in your previous topic - Client id and secret as the urls etc will be different.

If you want to use API then as Dan said we highly recommend upgrade to 1.8 series.

The URL in your request is wrong.

You’ve got


It should be