API Access Error Client authentication failed


I am trying to access the API through POSTMAN using this document 1.8 API Introduction . Facing a similar issue as this post 1.8 API Issue - 401 Client authentication failed. I am getting
“error”: {
“message”: “Client authentication failed.”,
“code”: 401,
“data”: []

I have tried to access to API for my SSL Enabled CMS V1.8.3, localhost V1.8.3 and cloud trial version 1.8.10 also but in all the 3 cases I get same access denied error. I have checked clientId and Client key several times it is correct and have given the same permission as mentioned in the api doc.

What else is required to access the API?

I’d guess the credentials and/or permissions are incorrect.

Could you tell me via private message the name of the CMS you have in our Cloud and a screenshot of environment configuration in Postman to that Instance?

That would be easiest for me to check.