1.8 API Issue - 401 Client authentication failed

Ok I am trying to follow the 1.8 guide and use postman to get started looking at the API.
I put in my url, clientid, and client secret straight from CMS… I click the client Credentials check box.
When I go to postman and POST for an access token I get a 401 Client authentication failed error.

If I turn off any of the parms it was that parm is missing. So I am definitely communicating with restful api I believe

I thought it was my installation, so I went over to cloud Xibo and setup a demo account. After getting it setup. I get the same error over there to…

I am running 1.8rc1 I think cloud is running 1.8rc2. Is it something in postman I have setup wrong?

Right, things to check:
In CMS -> applications
Make sure that client credentials and All access (on permissions tab) are enabled.

In Postman
Double check that clientId and clientSecret from the application in CMS are correct.

Actually you know what, stay tuned I’ll try to connect to your CMS hosted with us and let you know what you need to have in Postman (via private message).

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At a guess, you tried to use ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button that didn’t copy the clientSecret and that’s why you see that error.

Anyway, I’ll send you a pm shortly.

Edit - resolved via pm.