Anybody out there? Setting up a Xibo player on Windows 10

I am trying to do a new install on Windows 10 Pro using Docker(not familiar with docker at all). The first time I ran Docker it disabled my WiFi adapter(setting up on a pocket pc intel compute stick). I found that if I bridged the wifi adapter and the virtual ethernet adapter, I could get Docker to run without losing internet connection. I shared the C: drive in Docker. I downloaded and extracted the Xibo-docker for windows file and extacted it to C:\XIBO. I installed Xibo and all I get is a Xibo splash screen. Stopping the xibo window automatically results in the xibo restarting(watchdog?). I had to uninstall Xibo just to get control of the pc again.
How do I get to the content manager?
I used to have a digital sign running xibo, but the compute stick died and now I am trying to re-create it. I used Windows 8.1 and XAMMP in that setup and it worked fine.
Update: since uninstalling Xibo, now I get an error message every minute or so saying the xibo player cannot be found. I would really like to get this fixed.

update 2: I went back and installed xibo, started docker, edited the config.env file with a random password, opened powershell as administrator and when I try to run docker-compose up -d, I get an error stating it cannot find the config.env file, even though it is in the correct folder- c:\XIBO\xibo-docker\xibo-docker-1.8.11

Let’s take it step by step.

Broadly speaking there are 2 components to Xibo, the CMS and the player.
It looks like you want to install both on the same device?

That’s certainly possible, usually you’d have a CMS installed on one device and then players on other devices connected to the CMS.

CMS Installation documentation - Xibo for Docker on Windows 10 64 bit - The Xibo CMS - Xibo Community

When you download the Xibo docker archive, that file comes with called config.env.template, did you remove the .template from the file name?
Assuming you’re in the correct directory in your powershell then that should be all there is to it.

On windows, it may take some time for the containers to be created and CMS installed, some patience may be required - you can also call docker-compose logs to see what is it doing at the moment, once it starts the web server, you can access the CMS in your web browser.

Once you have the CMS running and accessible, then you can install the player on the same device (or different device), open the player options, provide the CMS URL and CMS Secret and connect the player to your CMS.

Assuming that is successful, you should see your player listed on the Displays page in CMS, where you need to authorise it with CMS. Once that is done, you can launch the player.


Thank you for responding.

I did rename the file config.env without the .template at the end and, yes I was in the correct folder in Powershell. I repeated this process numerous times, extracting the files each time, re-downloaded the zipped file and extracted it again and navigated to the folder with config.env in Powershell . It still errored stating the file could not be found, so the cms was not bootstrapped.

My setup is as follows:

I have a Pocket PC Intel compute stick which is connected via HDMI cable to a television in our lobby and accessing the Internet via WiFi . That is the digital sign. The WiFi is on a DMZ outside our Firewall (Sonicwall), which isolates our Active Directory Domain(LAN).

It seems that you are saying I need to setup the CMS on a workstation PC on our LAN and Xibo on the Pocket PC. Does Docker have to be running on both? I thought I would have to run the CMS on the device attached to the tv so I could browse to it from another pc via web browser. What am I missing here?

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I think your best results will be with getting some older PC, installing Ubuntu on it and following these instructions:

for your Xibo Players you do not need docker. just the Xibo app connected to that CMS.

search through the community forums here, lots of questions have been asked already and you should be able to find everything you need to get setup! (hey, even I was able to figure it out).


How will the Xibo app device be able to connect to the CMS if it is not running a webserver? I may have to use UBUNTU, because I do not have any other Windows 10 computers in house.

the clients connect to the CMS server through the network, not to a webpage.
you can log into the CMS server’s webpage (this is setup for you during the docker install).
the client will connect to the CMS server via it’s network name or IP address.

A ComputeStick is unlikely to have sufficient resources or power to run both the CMS and the Player.

You’re best off having a CMS installed elsewhere (locally or Cloud) and your Player installed on your Compute Stick.


When you state that the clients connect to the CMS through the network, do you mean my LAN? The Device connected to the TV that is the sign is not on my LAN, it is connected to WiFi that does not have access to my LAN. For security reasons, I have our WiFi setup on a DMZ on our Firewall and can only access the Internet outside of our LAN, not connect to any computer on the network, i.e., if someone connects a laptop to our WiFi, they can access the Internet, but not our LAN. So if I was to setup the CMS on a workstation on our LAN, behind the Firewall, would the client still be able to connect the CMS?



Can I run the CMS from a VM?


Yes certainly you can.

per your latest question, I am running my Production and test CMS both in VMWare.

I have not set ours up for external access. we have displays at 10 locations, but are all connected via VPNs.
I’m guessing you can forward the ports needed so it is accessable outside. (maybe just ports 443 and 9505 for XMR?)

or perhaps you could have the client display running a VPN back to your internal network?


I got a vm of Ubuntu 18.04 running on my UNRAID server. I got docker installed. I was able to successfully start the xibo-docker container, but I cannot login to the CMS. I get a “ the connection was reset” error. I ran docker ps and docker-compose logs and have attached the files to this email.

Please help.


Kim Kreitman would like to recall the message, “[Xibo Community] [Support] Anybody out there? Setting up a Xibo player on Windows 10”.

Ok, so I have a vm of Ubuntu 18.04 running on an UNRAID server, which is on my LAN, behind a hardware firewall. I can access the CMS via the browser on the VM.

I have a display that is a TV with an Intel compute stick running Widows 10 Pro, connected to the Internet via WiFi, that is not able to access my AD domain. WiFi is on a DMZ on the firewall, with access only out to the Internet, no access to my LAN behind the firewall. My question is : Is it possible to connect the display to the cms with this configuration? My display compute stick does not have wired Ethernet, so my only option is WiFi. If I use the domain IP address of the cms server, it is behind the firewall, so the display won’t see it. I am not proficient with Linux, and frankly I’m shocked I got docker and cms working…it fought me tooth and nail. What do I need to do to get the display and the CMS connected?

The Player needs to be able to connect to the CMS. So if your firewall rules prevent that, you’ll either need to adjust them to allow access to the CMS, or go with a Cloud CMS or installing the CMS yourself on a VPS etc