Announcing the Xibo App on Canva | Xibo CMS

We are pleased to announce that you can now create engaging digital signage designs for your Xibo displays in the leading visual communications platform, Canva, and publish them directly to your Xibo CMS. Introducing the new Xibo app on Canva!

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Ouch, I tried with our local CMS and i created a broken link :frowning:
Now waiting for Canva Support to remove the API link with our CMS.

Hi, thanks for trying the new app, sorry to hear you got a broken link.

The connection between Xibo and Canva is managed on the Xibo side, and if you no longer want them to be connected you can simply delete the Application from inside your CMS.

If you’d like us to see what’s not working for you, then please open a Get Help topic describing what you did and the error you received.


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So I have the newest version of xibo server, is that right that this addon does not work with version 3.3.2???

Hi, Canva should work with version 3.3.2 so please do start a new topic in our Get Help section with further details as to the steps you have taken and any errors you have received so we can try and troubleshoot this for you.

Thank you