Cannot access Canva

hello .no canva when you log into the system for this message appears

Your CMS is not installed correctly, you should not have ‘web’ in the URL you use to access it.
This means that the URL rewriting is broken on your install which is why the API is not working properly.

  • You will need to fix the CMS installation before attempting to connect Canva to it.

  • You will also have to reconfigure all Players as the URL will change in that process.

For future reference, it is better to post in the Get Help categories of the Community rather than at the end of previous blog posts as the help categories are more actively monitored by the community and staff :+1:

It seams that I have a very similar or identical problem, but even a reconnection of the players didn’t solve the problem. After a connection from Canva (from a user with app access) all the displays seams to stuck in an “offline screen” and no synchronisation with layouts happened any more.

Have you reconfigured all your Players as mentioned in the steps above?

I am not quite sure what you actual mean.

I set up a docker installation. After connecting from canva the displays were unable to refresh oder start the layouts. Where was no visible error message.

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