Androidn webview and certain webpages


I have a fleet of 40 or so android digital displays (55" and 22" units 1080x1920 in portrait) that seem to have a strange issue rendering certain webpages in webpage elements in layouts.

Here is my target webpage:

This seems to render the 1080 width correctly, but then does not span the full height of the 1080x1920 display. I am using android 1.8-102 and latest CMS in docker.

Could this be an issue with an outdate webview in the device?

It could be, what the android version on the device in question please?

I will run your webpage on my player tomorrow to see if it’s correct.

Regrettably these devices are Android 4.2.2 so do not benefit from the APK’ed Android System WebView that came with 5.

The page renders fine in the CMS preview, but yes in the webview is broke in both landscape and portrait orientations.

I will try to discuss with the hardware provider for a more up to date image…

On ALL other aspects these screens are great! (And they newer products come with a newer android version with no such issues :frowning: )

Thanks again peter!

That indeed might be a problem with android version (in 1,8 series we require Android to be 4.4 or newer as well).

I tested your webpage on DSCS9 today, broadly speaking it looks fine with open natively option without any adjustments, in Portrait orientation some of the icons were off the screen sometimes (where there were 3 icons for example) in landscape everything is fine.

I’d say that yes older android version might not handle it well, but also that it does not seem to be particularly Portrait orientation friendly in general.