Android Xibo Client black screen after media finishes

I want to thank for your great content display software. We are using Xibo CMS 1.8 and Android Xibo client 1.8. I design a layout with 5 regions. On one region, I play two videos by loop. There is a black screen between transitions for seconds. This black transition must be removed.
To remove this I tried the following

  • Disable the checkbox ‘Use a surfaceview for video rendering’
  • Change the region background color to white. But all this workarounds doesn’t work.

Please help me to avoid the black screen transition at media end.

The black transition is the time it takes one video to finish and the next to start - there isn’t any way for us to remove that. The faster the device the quicker it can load a video and the less time you see the transition.

If we could guarantee that a device could decode two videos at the same time, then we might be able to pre-load the next video - but unfortunately we cannot do that yet.

We are aware of the behaviour and will make improvements as soon as the technology allows us to do so.

If we can’t avoid the black transition, is there any mecanism to hide it by color, effect or something else?

Black is usually the desired colour - but you could set your Layout background image or colour to anything you wanted and that would be what is shown.

If you are always and only ever seeing black, it might be that your video ends with one or more black frames - in which case you could try adjusting the duration down by a second so that you do not get the final frames.