Android version 4 player error


Happy New Year Community… I was wondering if anyone has come across this issue using DS Devices DSC95 (The non wifi version). I am assuming it’s because I am asking it to decode 2 video side by side, and the hardware can’t support it?\
1170580 35552c1 2024-01-08 18:55 PLAYER POST ERROR TO-Middle XFA:ExoVideoMedia Cannot display video. Uri=file:///data/user/0/com.signage.slztcthxlx/files/38.mp4. Error=MediaCodecVideoRenderer error, index=0, format=Format(1, null, null, video/avc, avc1.640020, -1, null, [960, 1080, 29.97003], [-1, -1]), format_supported=YES. Underlying Error=Decoder init failed: OMX.amlogic.avc.decoder.awesome, Format(1, null, null, video/avc, avc1.640020, -1, null, [960, 1080, 29.97003], [-1, -1]).

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I am having the same issue!

Re-encode your video. Take a look at this guide:

Sorry I should have mentioned there is no problem with playback, just a s**t ton of errors in the log.

Quick bump here. Anyone?

But did you already re-encoded the video with handbrake and tried it again?

Previously we just accepted the video’s blindly from our customers, even when the properties said the requirements were acceptable as screen dimension/fps/codec. identical players did have different behaviors, some of them worked fine where others had troubles, both the same DSCS9x with the same firmware and xibo apk.

Since we re-encode every video, we have had no issues at all.