Unsupported Video. Error

Hello we have the problem that our displays with the DSCS9X and DSCS95 devices sometimes report this error code:

Unsupported Video. Error: MediaCodecVideoRenderer error, index=0, format=Format(1, null, null, video/avc, avc1.4D4028, -1, null, [1920, 1080, 25.0, ColorInfo(BT709, Limited range, SDR SMPTE 170M, false)], [-1, -1]), format_supported=YES, Detail: Decoder i

and then the videos are not displayed. We have tried to re-encode the videos as suggested in this forum post: Android version 4 player error - #5 by Jon_Knowles We have also used Handbrake the Fast 1080p30 setting, unfortunately without success.

Hi @immi995 , welcome to the community!

As you are using Xibo for Android with our DS Devices, please create a ticket for our Support Team via our Helpdesk here: Tickets - My Account | Xibo Digital Signage

Hello Frazer

We did but The Answer was:
It looks like I’m unable to find a cloud CMS hosted by us under this address
Could you please provide the cloud CMS address?

Please note that this helpdesk only provides CMS support for customers who have purchased a Cloud CMS hosted by us, or who have purchased an Enterprise plan for their self-hosted CMS.

My apologies for the confusion there. I’ve re-opened your ticket and sent some further troubleshooting steps.