Android Status info available through CMS



On the android APK if you navigate to a clients “status” tab it gives you a useful textbox full of status & general information.

Is this information available from the CMS in a similar high density format?

Recently it was helpful especially to see that some of our displays had blacklisted 2 .pngs - and this wasn’t obvious from the display screen in the CMS but it was very apparent on the android units status splash.



It is indeed possible to collect and view the same Status information within your CMS. How to do this is exaplined in the below Guide:

Please note that we are currently updating our Manuals and Guides to reflect the changes to the CMS. I mention this because there are some elements in this Guide that are set to be Edited. For example, you will not find:

Enable auditing in ‘display’ page - go to ‘displays’ -> edit your
display device -> go to Advanced tab and set Auditing to ‘Yes’

Instead you will see Audit Until fields, where you can set a period for Auditing to be on instead of a Yes/No option.

Many Thanks.