Android OS Question

Hi guys,
will Xibo 1.8 work in the following?

Did anyone ever tried?
I am planning to test this OS with a PC hardware and see how Xibo works.
If it does, i will use it in Intel’s ComputeStick as well.

After doing some tests, i somehow started to like Xibo Android version probably more :slight_smile:

It’s not something that we can recommend, we’ve had a mixed feedback regarding it as well - Android client on RemixOS? and Xibo Android Client - Freezing After Period of Time

If you want to try it out, then we’d suggest one device and then make sure that it suits your needs before committing to a larger number of devices.

Just in case, our list of recommended android devices - Recommended Android Hardware

I have gotten an Intel ComputeStick to run with RemixOS and the android client. It was a bit of a pain, but it works just fine. I’m using an Intel BLKSTK1A32SC Compute Stick and the 1.7 client.

The primary issue I was experiencing is frequent, periodic network disconnections. The WIFI connection would drop off after about 10-15 minutes and would not reconnect. I found an app that automated the reconnection process to the known network by checking the network status every 2 minutes and, if it wasn’t connected, it reestablished the connection. I can’t recall the name of the app, but I can find out if you’re interested. Outside of that issue, the ComputeStick works fine for me.

Hi guys!
Thanks Peter & Kyle :slight_smile:

When there comes to buy a box including the Android OS, i have way too many choices.
The idea was to be able to make an image that could be used for specially touch screens and also possibility of choosing my own device.

Most of the recommended devices are with low performance or they cost as much as a PC,
which was the reason of considering to use a regular PC.

Best regards