Android display stays in status "Display is downloading new files"

Hi there

I have 1 Android display, which has difficulties updating new content.

The problem now is that is stays in status “downloading new files” forever.
I have CMS version 1.7.4. In Display Settings I have set the player update interval to 10 minutes and I have set the start time and end time to 00:00, as I saw that there could be problems caused by this.

I reduced the scheduled items to 2 and restarted the player multiple times, to no avail.

I tried to check the players’ status page, but can not find how to get to this page. Please let me know how to access it.

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To get to the status screen, you click anywhere on the screen to bring up the top menu, and then click on the “Status” button.

Thanks for the swift response Alex!

My player is a Minix Neo X7 mini and when I click anywhere in the presentation, nothing happens. Right-clicking obviously takes e to the home screen.

I found that clicking a certain button on the remote brings up a small menu in the top right with options

Connect to CMS
Check Licence

But going through the options I don’t see a Status button.

Sounds like you’ve hidden the Android task bar (other than by the way Xibo does it itself). You might want to turn that off in the Minix system settings.

To get it back temporarily and see the status menu, you click right at the bottom middle of the screen and drag up (as you would if this were a phone and you were swiping up the bottom edge of the screen).

As you can notice, I have never owned an Android phone…
I managed to get to the status screen now:

I was changing some layouts just now and the display in the CMS now has status “Display is out of date but has not checked in with the server.” After a while, it is back to “Display is downloading new files”.

Rest of the screen shot:

So that part is correct, but it should change to display is up to date after it downloaded everything.
So layout appears to be valid, schedule is up to date.

Could you please check if date/time settings on your device are correct?

Do you by any chance have webpages/tickers/datasets on your layout? (with presumably update interval set to a very low value)

Hi again!

The display time was not correct, since I repeatedly “rebooted” the device trying to sort problems.

I set it to automatically get the date/time and timezone, but this seems not to work. I have now set the time manually again.

Before I changed this, the layout that I added yesterday, was now showing on the display! So I went on with some new updates, the status then switched from “downloading files” to “Display out of date”, and remains there also well after the 10 minutes interval it should be checking in.

I have two RSS tickers and a weather page. The news tickers have Update Interval 120 mins. and the weather page 60 mins. Yesterday, I removed all these from the schedule to keep things simple and had only one movie file scheduled.

About time zone, it’s important that both CMS and your device are set to the sime timezone, especially regarding schedule.
So download window start/end time is still 00:00 and 00:00 (always open)
So every 10min your device should check with CMS for updates (content/schedule)
To the ‘Last accessed’ column on displays page in CMS, confirm that?

This simple layout that you scheduled is it working now?
Apart from that scheduled layout, I assume you have other layout set as a default layout which presumably is displayed on your device, is there a chance that you have some really long durations set there?

You could also try to update your Android device to R57.

As always another screenshot/picture of status window on that device could be helpful.

I checked the time zone and it is set to Brussels both in the CMS and the Display.
Yes, Download Window is both set to 00:00
Yes Collect interval is 10 minutes
Last Access column of the display is 2015-11-24 12:39 which is roughly two hours ago. But it didn’t catch the new schedule, since the display is not showing the changes I made this morning (5 hours ago).

I have 6 layouts all with 1 (full screen) region. 3 containing a movie, 2 containing RSS tickers, 1 containing weather forecast. I want to schedule all of them from 7h-18h, repeating daily.

If I understand correctly, the article with the long durations is only applicable in case of multiple regions with different times within regions?

Display still “Out of date”, I will check tomorrow morning if it is updated overnight.

The “This Player is not licenced” against Schedule would suggest that it’s not licenced on your CMS. Can you check the display is licenced properly and that there’s no problems with the connectivity between the Player and the CMS?

Hi Alex,

Drastic measures. I have deleted the app from the display and deleted the display in the CMS. I did not delete the Display Settings in the CMS.

I then downloaded the latest software via the browser in the player and installed it. It means the network connection should be OK, maybe a bit slow over bad wifi though. I entered the URL and secret key and entered the licence e-mail address. In the CMS I created a display again. Shortly after this, the display started playing the default layout. I then started with scheduling two layouts which where playing fine. I added a third layout, and nothing is happening anymore. “Display is out of date” once more. I walked over to the display and clicked “Connect to CMS” over there. When I get back at my PC, the last Accessed time of the display is updated, but the status still that it is out of date.

I went back to only two layouts, but this doesn’t change anything. Frustrating…

The display settings profile is applicable to one or more displays so I wouldn’t expect it to be deleted when you removed a display.

You shouldn’t need to click “Connect to CMS” after the initial connection. It will try once every collection interval (by default every 15 minutes) to connect and pull down new content.

Perhaps you’re not waiting long enough for the Player to get to it’s collection interval and download the content?


Alex, All the points that you sum should be OK.

Last week, I connected the Minix via ethernet to rule out any wifi problems. It did not improve things.

When returning from a long weekend today, the player was playing all scheduled lay-outs and the status had the check mark and all OK! I added an extra layout in the schedule now and I have “Out of date” again.

It always seems that after a day or so (maybe after a “fresh” day in the schedule) the display is updated and fine. I guess I could live with this delay and will calculate it in my workfow…

You shouldn’t need to wait a whole day! It’s expected that it will go to “out of date” when you make a schedule change. Once the Player connects and downloads the new assets for that layout then it will be up to date again.

It sounds to me very much like there’s some connectivity issue. I know you said you’d connected over cable so perhaps the issue is in DNS resolution or something along those lines. Checking the status screen when it’s not up to date will give you the information you need to work out what the issue is.

I thought I gave everyone an update and a final thank you.

I took the player home, and connected it there. No issues and all working perfect! Back in the office I found that the ethernet port was not patched, although they told me all ports in this office where connected. After correcting this the display is updating fine for two days. Case closed!

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We are very glad to hear it!

Since the problem is solved, I’ll close this topic :smile: