Android default home application resets randomly

We have Xibo android client installed on multiple Philips TVs. The client and the connections work fine but sometimes, when the TV is restarted, it forgets the default app, which leads to the TV prompting if we want to open Xibo or Android default home. This is troublesome, because we need to manually go to the TV and select the home app before it proceeds to opening Xibo. This happens despite us selecting the “Always” option during the prompt.

Has anyone else ran into this problem? If yes, how did you solve it?

I’ll add an image that shows the prompt where the client gets stuck.

We have had this happen on a few devices - without any great solutions unfortunately.

There doesn’t appear to be a way in Android for Xibo to “not ask about being a launcher”, otherwise we’d do that.

A few potential workarounds:

  • Set Xibo as the Launcher from Settings instead of the prompt
  • Don’t have Xibo as the Launcher at all, use the default and let Xibo start itself after a few minutes

What model TV is it please? @DanBW can add it to our list to investigate with Philips.

Thank you for a quick reply,

The models in question are:

Philips Signage Solutions D-Line 43BDL4050D
49BDL4050D Philips D-Line 49

We’ll try the workarounds you suggested. It might be possible that the TV just doesn’t understand the “Always” option, so we’ll first try to change it from the settings. Do you have any recommendations for the second option?

You could let it open to the default launcher (which I believe is a Philips Signage application) and then if you wait ~ 2 minutes Xibo will start.

Thanks - we will reach out to Philips to see if they have any suggestions.

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