Android Command to flush memory cache


I would like to know if is possible to send command through CMS to clear android memory cache like reboot command. If yes, someone could tell me how can I do that?

CMS: 1.8.5
Android 6 XIBO R105

Thank you.

I do not know if I’m doing the right thing, but I use the command pm clear

Xibo for Android automatically frees local storage when it is able to (ie when files are no longer needed for a period of time).

I would strongly recommend upgrading the CMS to 1.8.9 as there are several issues with media items attached to widgets in earlier 1.8 releases and they can cause very large numbers of media items to be shown as required, when they actually aren’t. I thought from your other ticket you were upgrading in any case.

In that scenario, the Player won’t free storage because the CMS is telling it they are all still in use.

Hi Alex,

In this case, I would like to flush memory ram and not memory flash. Sometimes the player got stuck and in my mind I can send a command through XMR to flush memory ram and back to normal. By the way how can I see all commands that are allowed to send by CMS to PLAYER?


The OS is responsible for memory management. An application can’t flush other applications memory from RAM. What you’re asking for isn’t possible.