Android client unable to get any file

Hello guys,

I got 2 android clients and a cms running version 1.7.8

One of my clients doesnt download any files. Restarting the cms and the client doesnt work.

the log just says:
3991 16-09-30 02:02:23 Android Nordseekai Kantine XMDSSoap4 SubmitLog XML log: RetrieveRemoteResourceUnable to get: 8_791344852577f5f8b52b4f_6dd4be96d4b168eda1b707f4398da69d.html

its the only “error” message i get.

Could you show us a screenshot of status window on your android device please?

i cant do that because of a bug discussed in this thread.Not more than 1 Android Client recognized by CMS

i dont have any bar shown in the android client.

The client itself checks with the server.

You can do that, even without action bar on the device, please see option 2 from this topic - Getting the Player Status

Hello Peter,
srry for the delay, i have resolved this problem allready,

now i got another problem.

54977 2016-10-05 11:47:18 Client VideoMedia Cannot display video. Uri=file:///data/user/0/ What=100. Extra=0.

My android client doesnt want to display the mp4.

What can i do to make it to play my mp4 video

Make sure it’s H264 encoded .mp4 video.

Some devices also need to use Public storage to play videos.

Open Xibo for Android -> settings -> check use public storage
and select first option under storage options.

This will cause your player to download the content again, so give it some time to do that.

i checked everything you just wrote.

What i really wanted to know is…what kind of player does the xibo client use and how can i add codecs.

maybe mzy client doesnt have those installed by default.

hellooooooooooo??? any help here?

Xibo for Android is using the default Android media player so any codecs and implementation of it will depend on Android version and devices firmware. Best you can do is to update the firmware if it’s available.

The error you gave us, I don’t think it has anything to do with video codecs.

Please don’t do that.