Android Client: "Unable to connect to that cms address" android 7.0

Hi there,
I’ve downloaded apk from
and I’m having issue with connecting to cms via:
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 (SM-T580)
Android 7.0
After entering cms address and key and tapping on Connect CSM I get error message:
“Unable to connect to that cms address”

I’ve managed to reproduce this on Android emulator with Android 7.0 too (same specs for tablet). I’ve created another emulator with Android 7.1.1 and it works there, no error. It also works on my phone (Android Oreo)

Could you please check this out and let me know what to do and is there any fix that will make it work on Android 7.0.


It seems that there is a problem with HTTPS connection, but only on Android 7.0

It’s not Xibo, it’s Android 7 bug:

Thank you for looking into it, it does indeed seems like an issue with the stock 7.0 Android version only.

Unfortunately as you said, there isn’t much we can do about that I’m afraid, hopefully all the devices that run on Android 7 will get updates to at least 7.1.1 so solve this issue.