Android client slowly get update from CMS (after upgrade 1.7.8)


I got this problem after I upgrade CMS from 1.7.4 to 1.7.8. It only slow with devices got assign campaign.
For example:

  • I have CAMPAIGN1 with LAYOUT1 and LAYOUT2 inside.
  • LAYOUT1 have MEDIA1a and MEDIA1b
  • LAYOUT2 have MEDIA2a and MEDIA2b
  • DEVICE1 schedule CAMPAIGN1
  • DEVICE2 schedule direct to LAYOUT1
  • Everything still work well, then I come to Media menu, choose MEDIA1a and unassign from all layout and delete MEDIA1a
  • DEVICE2 will get update and run well without MEDIA1a
  • DEVICE1 with CAMPAIN1 still work but still have MEDIA1a show on it, and take very long time to up-to-date with CMS.

What is this problem and how to fix it?

Hieu Nguyen

1.7.8 CMS has some additional caching built in to reduce the work the CMS has to do when the Player checks in and nothing has changed.

It may be that the setup you’ve found causes that cache not to be invalidated when you change the layout within the campaign. I’ll take a look at that now.

As a work around, after you make a change to the layout, you can go to the Display record for DEVICE1 in the CMS, edit it, and then save it without making any changes. That will clear the cache and force an update straight away.

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I managed to recreate the issue.

It’s logged as a bug here:


I thought I was just going crazy. We learned to just restart the clients to fix the issue.

Restarting the Player won’t make any difference. It’s CMS side cache that causes this issue.

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Yup, I got problem with this on previous Topic, then I switch Device direct to Layout and can fix it. Restart devices cannot solve this problem. But I still have Devices use campaign, I will use your method when I have any changes in media-in-layout-in-campaign :smile:

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I also thought I was going crazy.
This item is giving me a slight headache.
They have some estimate to correct?

The bug is fixed in the bug report. You can apply that patch to your CMS if you need a fix before the next release.

Hello ALEX , thanks.
PATCH What should I apply?

If you visit the linked bug report:

You can see the committed patch to resolve this issue there: