Android client generating a SYN Flood on my firewall


Hi folks,
I have four curious issues to address and they may or may not be related, so I will toss this up in the air as a free-for-all.

DSDevices DSCS9 running client 1.8-108. CMS 1.8.0 (still intending to update this soon) on an Ubuntu 16.04 Docker.

  1. I have the player connected to our Guest wi-fi network with firewall rules allowing this traffic to make a hairpin turn and come back in to our production network and hit the CMS. This is functional for traffic but our Sonicwall is now reporting “Possible SYN Flood” alerts. The alert condition lasts for about one second then stops -my assumption is that the traffic either slows below a threshold or stops. A few minutes later it happens again. Anyone have any insight on this?

  2. I changed the IP address of the CMS last week, and the player Status window is still showing the old address “Content Management System: (tcp://” even though this player had a full wipe and reconnect the day before yesterday. I found that I needed to update the Administration -> Settings -> Displays -> XMR Public Address value, which I did, and when I manually reconnected the player it now shows the correct internal address. Will this value update itself on my other plays automatically or will I need to manually interact with them to get them to pick up the new address?

  3. The date in the aforementioned line is one year off, showing 2017 instead of 2018, though the month/day/time is accurate. Why the heck would this date value be off?

  4. This particular player would not take the updated Xibo 108 client .apk update when I tried to push it from the CMS, I manually installed it from SD card. ?


At a guess that sounds like XMR traffic rather than traffic to the CMS.

Yes that’s expected. Changing that value is a global setting which all the Players will pick up. You need to change that value if the CMS is moved to a new location. The port on the end should be for the XMR public port and not the private one, nor the webservers port.

Because no traffic has been received from XMR yet. It should receive a heartbeat every 20-30 seconds from the CMS which would update that date, so I’d suggest that XMR either isn’t running properly, or the ports you’ve got configured there aren’t the correct ones.

It may just be that you didn’t give it long enough to pick that up. If XMR isn’t working then no push message will be sent to the Player to tell it to enact that, so you’d be waiting on a background collection for the install to happen.