Android App keeps failing


I have setup a little android tv stick to work with Xibo on a display in a hallway.

The display shows the default one OK but I’ve set a user up so they can just update the media it never works.

I’ve given them permission to the display, the media and the layout but it looks like the display isnt ready whenever they replace the media… is there anything else they need permission wise (I’ve given them access to the homepage too)

No idea whats going on with the stick at present, Its registered ok, the check-in is showing right away but the media download icon just sits there… I can see it checking in every 5 minutes but the icon never turns to a tick.

I’ve put it on a wall so its hard to get into the device each time the stick plays up so I am a bit stuck if its this unreliable.

What CMS and Xibo for Android version are you using please?

Screenshot/photo of the status window on the player could be very helpful here.