Andriod licence to use on an Andriod TV?

Good day,

I have bought 6 DSDevices Client - Model DSCS9.

I have bought 6 Andriod licences with the devices, do I need to purchase TV’s that use an Andriod operating system now?

Now the next step is to setup instance to serve the Xibo CMS.

What AWS instance size type you recommend to serve 6 TV’s?

Would I deploy a Lamba instance, which directory would I need to upload the Xibo folder?

Is it an easy exercise to upload the Xibo software to my cloud server?

If you’ve bought the hardware (DSCS9) and Xibo for Android licences then all you need now is a monitor/screen to connect the DSCS9 to it. The monitor itself does not need to be a smart TV, it just needs HDMI so you can connect your android device (DSCS9).

Regarding CMS, we usually recommend a VPS with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64 server to set up a docker Xibo instllation - CMS Installation Service

But you can opt to use different solution, you also not necessarily need to use docker (it is just recommended), instructions and requirements for various methods are here -

Server specification will highly depend on number of displays, will the stats be enabled, what log level will you use, what collection interval will displays use, how often will they need to download new content, how much content will you have etc

ie it’s hard to guess how big load there will be on the server without any details.

I’d suggest installation that can be easily scaled if necessary to ensure it will be suitable in case you will need it.