Am I doing websites wrong?

I’m trying to get the xibo android client to display a website that I made. It’s a basic php page. The problem is when I changed the styles.css to load a different image. The xibo (client and server) is still showing the old image even after deleting and recreating the layout. In addition to that the website isn’t showing on the minix x5 and is showing on the minix x7 mini. Oh and even better it seems like I cant do true 1080p either. If I set the website to take the entire canvas the clients will display the website as if its been zoomed in on. If I decrease the size of the website so it doesn’t fill the entire canvas then it shows correctly on the clients.

Can some one show me what I’m doing wrong or is this software just junk for displaying websites?

Edit: TIL saying **** is swearing.

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First, please do not swear on the forum.

The software is not **** for displaying websites, it actually works very well. I think the problem you may be running into as far as resolution is a bug on Android. Please try changing the resolution to something other than 1920x1080, save the settings, and then change it back. We run into this all the time.

Second problem appears to be related to cache settings. On the CMS if you are using IE to view the layout, please change IE settings to always check for a new version of the page on each load. On the client depending, on depending on if the website is embedded or not, you may need to wait for the next collection time for the page to be refreshed. If you are merely testing and what to force the page to refresh, then please try closing out of the client and restart it.

Also you may want to read through some of the guides, as they answer a lot of questions concerning configuration.

Have you yourself read the documentation? I have and it does not cover this issue. Yes it covers basic deployments but says nothing of the fact that it doesn’t display websites correctly. And I have tried did you read my post? “If I decrease the size of the website so it doesn’t fill the entire canvas then it shows correctly on the clients.” On this note this DOSE NOT work every time as since deleting the layout and creating an entirely new one, and changing the default layout on the view to the new layout it still showing the old layout zoomed in on. Besides that I have done as you said before you said it and it is not working.

Yes I have read mostly everything on this site. I was merely suggesting that you may find a clue as to the problem by looking through the guides.

I am not understanding which things are you referring to? Resetting the display resolution on the Android device, and/or restarting the client?

If you changed the layout completely and assigned the new layout via the CMS to the display, and then restarted the client, the client should then download the new changes. It may take sometime depending on how large and what content is to be displayed. There can be some problems updating content if the layouts display time is short and the size of the content is large. If this does not appear to be the problem you may also want to look at this