Alternating Multiple Overlays

I’ve seen a few people post about having alternating layouts, so that at the end of the layout duration it flips to the other layout until the end of it’s duration and flips back and so on. Is it possible to do this with overlays? Currently have it it setup how I’ve seen described for layouts and it just seems to repeat one overlay layout.

Overlays are not designed to cycle - so if you have 2 in the same place they will be on top of each other.

If you wanted to cycle overlays you’d need to manage that with a schedule.

Gotcha, that’s kinda what I figured. Maybe you can help me with what I’m trying to achieve then.

I want to have a default layout that I can drop multiple “feeds” into. The feeds are images and videos that would be played in a slideshow like fashion. I need to be able to have multiple feeds in the same area on the layout.

Any ideas, or would I just need to recreate the whole thing for each feed?

Wouldn’t you just keep on adding to the timeline of your Default Layout’s “feed” region?

We will be solving this issue in a neater fashion in 2.0 with our Playlists feature, which allows you to create reusable Playlists and put those in as many Layout as you want (and indeed to have multiple Playlists in a particular region).

Oh, sorry, I also needed some of these feeds to display on certain display groups, but not on others. So it would be really advantageous if I could keep them separated.

The playlist feature you mentioned sounds exactly like what I would need. Either that or I had setup a mRSS feed generator, but it seems the Ticker module doesn’t support video.

Right - yes well if you can’t combine them yet, you are stuck with recreating the whole layout to achieve what you want.

I’m not sure Playlists would help you then in that case - as you’d still have to construct separate Layouts to represent those scheduling differences. Unless we had some way to say that “this widget assignment only applies to the selected Displays/Groups”, which I think would get seriously complicated!

Also correct - we can’t sensibly guarantee that videos can be downloaded and played in a cached fashion, so we do not yet support Video MediaRSS.