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Hi guys, i noticed that alpha vantage currency module are not working anymore. The stocks are fine, but the currency dosen’t work.

is it happening to you too?


Hi pitico02, thanks for your message.

This issue has been reported to the developers for further investigation. I will reply to this message with more information as soon as I have an update on this issue. Thank you again for reporting this.

Many Thanks.

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This is an update regarding this issue. The developers have confirmed that this is due to changes with the Alpha Vantage currency API. The currencies data now requires payment. To workaround this issue you will need to consider purchasing an API key that provides access to that data. The developers will continue to look for a solution to this in a future CMS release.

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan,
Thanks for the answer.
Well this is bad news…
Please let us know about the solution in the next versions of the CMS.

Many thanks

Hi Dan!
I actually bought a premium API from alpha vantage and it worked.

But I noticed that this was changed in version 3.1.5.

In 3.1.5/ 3.2.0 this premium API has no more function, because apparently even with the premium API, the currency data is outdated.

What actually changed in the currency data request?

Thank you!

Hi Paulo,

Sorry if we accidentally misled you into thinking you would need a premium API key in the future. We had a patch available pretty quickly after your first message - see:

This patch (and the 3.1.5/3.2.0 releases) switch from API Documentation | Alpha Vantage to API Documentation | Alpha Vantage. This means we now only get the “daily open rate” instead of a near real time rate.

Having a premium API key doesn’t make any difference, but what we will do for the next 3.2 release is add a checkbox to the module config which says “I have a premium API key” and switches back to the current rate - see:

If you want the current market rate to be displayed, you can enable that option and continue using the premium key :crossed_fingers:

I hope that helps!

Hi Dan!
Do not worry about it! I actually chose to purchase the Premium API to serve some CMS that have an old version.

Now the difference between the data calls is clear. I have no more doubts.

Thank you for including the Premium API option in the CMS, it will be very useful.

thanks again for the answers :slight_smile:

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