All layouts are shown 3 times the set duration

In our production environment we have only ony campaign runnning.
this campaign includes several layouts.
All layouts have a duration set by at least one area with a duration between 10 and 40 seconds.

The campaign shows an overall length of 240 seconds.

We only have one Windows player on windows 10 (latest XIBO Player version).
This player is connected to XIBO, also the XMR Communication seems to work well.

The Problem:

  • all layouts are played 3 times before the player shows the next layout.
  • you can see, that the layouts are loaded 3 times cause the displayed content flickeres during load.
  • the overall playtime is also 3 times as long as planned.

Any idea what could cause this?

XIBO runs at a windows server with IIS (not docker).



Do you have any tickers on your layout?

If you do, then perhaps you have the duration of the ticker set to be ‘per item’ which may result in the overall layout duration longer that you expect.

Could you show me a screenshot of status window on your player please?
press ‘i’ on your keyboard while Xibo player has focus to show the status window.

Only one Layout has a ticker on. the defined duration per item at this layout seems to be ok. Each item of the feed is displayed for 10 seconds. BUT the whole layout is also played 3 times :(.

I try to get a screenshot of the status window. Can i send you a log somehow?



You can upload it somewhere and share the download link with me via private message.

I’m happy to look at your layouts as well, if you’d like to send them to me as well.

I assume that in the campaign each layout is assigned one time?

Screenshot of status window can be posted here or via private message as well.

i have the same issue … is there a solution ?

nobody with an idea or a solution?

Here the Versions of my CMS and Client:
CMS Version 1.8.11 (docker on linux)
Client 1.8.10 (windows10)

I have no ticker.
my layouts have 3 sections. just one of this three has a duration of 10s.
all layouts are assigned to a campaigns

the player plays every layout 3 times before he changed to the next layout.

i added a 2nd display to my xibo cms … i installed the player … i add the client to a display group.
after i assign the campaigns to the group … the new display shows each layout one time … but the first display shows every layout 3 times … WHY ???

the 1st display replays on layout 5 times now. the 2nd just one time. :frowning: