Admin UserName & Password not Authenticate/Login After Fresh Installation

Environment 1:

Windows Server 2012R2
Xibo Version : xibo-cms-1.7.9
PHP: PHP 5.5.38
MySql : Mysql (server)

Environment 2
Windows Server 2008R2
Xibo Version : xibo-cms-1.7.9
PHP: PHP 5.3.28
MySql : Mysql 5.6.21 (server)

After follow this arcticle

I am unable to login in http://localhost/xibo/ site we have checked on both server windows server 2008R2 and 2012R2 same issue.When i put user name and password no error found and again prompt username and password…

I have checked all things also reset password from phpadmin

Could you try truncating the session table in database? I wonder if it got corrupted somehow, there was an issue that could cause such behaviour, but it should be fixed since 1.7.8.