Additional Default Language Request

Hello -

Is there any chance of getting a default language of en_US added for the CMS? Also, I’m a little confused on what the “Languages” option for a display is actually used for (on the Details tab of a display’s properties). It doesn’t change the default language for the display, so I was wondering what its actual purpose is. Thanks!


This is the same list of languages that are supported by the CMS more generally, which are in turn determined by the translation effort. Interesting that en_US isn’t there, I can’t immediately explain that one!

It’s used only as metadata for integration with 3rd parties, where those 3rd parties care about the language spoken in the displays physical location - mostly advertising related.

Understood. Thanks for the information, Dan!

I think the translation system we use assumes that “no translations” are US English, but we don’t have an option to select “no translations”.

I’ve created an issue to investigate it.

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