Adding the weather


I’m new to Xibo and not a real tech.
Just trying to add a weather widget to my sites.

It seems to add ok, but it won’t display, I get “There are items on this Layout that can only be assessed by the client”

How can I fix this or find a weather site I can add?

Please help!

Thank you!

I’ve only seen that message when I have a powerpoint set up in a region, but never with weather. Do you have any powerpoint files displaying?
Are you using Xibo’s Forcasio weather widget? Or a third party?

Hi Patrick,
I have no Power Point running.
I don’t have the option of using the Xibo Forcast weather widget?
I can’t find a place to download or even add it?'
Where can I find it?
It’s not on my list of options to choose from?


Hi Terry
If from the Xibo GUI you go to modules under administration (on the left), you should see an Install button in the main frame. From there you can install weather. Then you can go to the dark sky website and get a account and api so you can pull weather information. I’m not at my pc, so this is from memory.

Thank you Patrick, I really appreciate your help!

Patrick is correct, the manual page might be helpful as well

Regarding the ! and There are items on this Layout that can only be assessed by the client
That is perfectly normal layout status if you have online content, you added webpage or embedded your weather site, as such player will need internet connection to display the content, since it is not sent directly form CMS like file based media (images, videos etc) and cached player side, then the status is therefore ! a not the checkmark.

It does not mean that there is anything wrong with the layout, it just means CMS can’t say for 100% that player will display it as it will be assessed on the player side, hence different status.

Thank you Peter for the explanation and the link, they were both very helpful!
I’ll get it yet!