Adding New Display Screen Device

Hello All,

I have a new LG Monitor device 1920 x 1080 to replace another device connected to a Xibo CMS/player laptop. How can I add this device to show up in my “Schedule”?

In “Display Settings” I have “Add Profile” with this device but it does not show up anywhere for my to assign Layouts.

Some blog support posts says the display would be identified automatically but it does not work out that way for me.

Any pointers please?


You need to install Xibo player on the new device and connect it to your CMS, that will create a new display record on the Displays page in your CMS.


What I meant was that, I have a Xibo Player already/previously active on the laptop device, but initially with a different screen, but now I have a new screen that I want to actually connect to the laptop with the Xibo player.

Thank You