Adding new devices issue

Hello :slight_smile:

Wondering if any one can help.
I have a number of devices in my xibo digital signage
Lets say for example ive named my devices A B C D E F G

The problem im having, is we have bought some brand new miniix devices and installed xibo client onto them.
However when i goto register them to the server and enter the server key, it doesnt ask me to authorise it within the xibo digital signage server…
The brand new devices is auto configuring and setting itself up as the last authorised device already on my list. In this case device G

When i look at device G ip address in the server its the new device. So then if i turn device G off it then changes the ip address in the server to the previous actual G device…

Can anyone help with whats happening, as really need to start adding more devices to our server and this issue is stopping us being able to do this.



At a guess they generated the same HardwareKey.

You will want to adjust this, to make sure each device has it’s own unique hardwareKey.

For Android - Open Xibo for Android -> ‘Three dots’ -> Settings -> Hardware Key
For windows - Open Xibo Player Options -> Advanced tab -> Display ID

Thats the issue, added some random characters on the end and all working now.
Which devices sets the hardware key ? the actual minix or the server?

Thanks again !