Adding music to an entire campaign?


I’ve got a campaign which goes through about 100+ picture slides, with sliding text at the bottom.

The original plan was to have music in the background througout the entire campaign but Xibo doesn’t seem to allow this. I presume im right in saying in Xibo, you can only have audio on single layouts?

So I thought “Okay, my slides are 15s each, so i’ll just find a 15 second music loop and put it on every slide.”

Unfortunately, even though the slides are set to 15 seconds, and the audio itself is exactly 15seconds, at the end of every slide there’s a brief 1 second pause where the audio seems to end, but the picture stays, before it then goes to the next slide and instantly starts the next loop.

This is obviously a problem as the loop isn’t seamless if it keeps stopping and starting every slide. It’s really frustrating, I’ve tried the audio properties such as “set duration” and “loop” but neither of these have any effect on the stutter.

Any ideas guys?



Assuming that you’re using 1.8 series CMS, you could schedule an overlay layout with audio widget.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the swift reply.

I’ve done what you said, having previously not known about the “overlay layout” feature. On my scheduling I now have my regular slideshow campaign playing on the display, and also have my new overlay layout which contains only my audio playing at the same time on the same display.

Despite this, I hear no audio. Is it going to wait until the slideshow is finished and play the audio at the end?

How can I get the audio playing simultaneously with the slideshow?



To answer this question: it appears overlay layouts containing audio do not work alone, you need to put an image into the layout (in my case a tiny watermark in the top left of the screen) for it to recognise it and play.


That does not seem to be true on 1.8.9, at least I can’t recreate it, overlay layout with just audio widget works fine for me here.

In any case, I’m glad that you got it working now.